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Friday, February 26, 2010

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Underoath (Post-Hardcore/Metalcore)

They’re Only Chasing Safety (1.5/4)- 2004

they're only chasing safety

They’re Only Chasing Safety is little more than a combination of current trends wrapped up in a nice radio friendly package. There’s emo lyrics, post-hardcore screaming, and metalcore breakdowns, none of which are done particularly different from others in the genre. Obviously, there is a market for Underoath’s sound, but that doesn’t mean it’s good music by any stretch of the imagination.


Lost in the Sound of Separation (3/4)- 2008

lost in the sound of separation

The latest album from post-hardcore band Underoath is quite possibly the last album I expected to be good. From a subjective standpoint, I’m never going to like anything they do, simply because this really isn’t my style of music. Still, I must give Underoath credit for making a great album. Lost in the Sound of Separation is a surprisingly accessible, intelligent, and original album that has features vastly improved songwriting and musicianship. Underoath have shed themselves of the forced angst and emo influences, and for the first time, the group sounds honest. I can’t believe I’m recommending this album, but honestly, this is one of the best albums hard rock albums of 2008, and any fan of hard rock or metalcore should give it a chance. It’s probably the year’s most surprising album, and also one of the best post-hardcore releases in some time.



Unearth (Metalcore)

III: In the Eyes of Fire (2/4)- 2007

in the eyes of fire

Unearth have found their comfort zone, and they never stray from it. The instrumentals are far better than what’s usually found in the genre, but that’s not enough to save it from getting repetitive. If you like metalcore, pick out a random song from this album, buy it, and listen to it eleven times in a row. You’ll get the same experience as listening to the full album, and you’ll save money in the process.


The Used (Pop Punk)

Lies for the Liars (1/4)- 2007

lies for the liars

The only positive thing that can be said about this album is that the emo trend is over. Lies for the Liars is generic garbage with horrible vocals, laughably depressive lyrics, and only about four chords worth of riffs. It sucked back when emo was popular, and it still sucks now.

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