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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Album of the Week(end) #1

In a new feature for Sound Writer, I’ll be linking every Friday or Saturday to a quality free or name-your-price album, all available 100% legally.

Most of the time I’ll be linking to a lesser known artist that deserves some more exposure, but I’ll start things off with a big name for the first week. Immortal Technique, one of the artists that helped get me into hip-hop back in high school, released his latest album this week. It’s called The Martyr, and it’s available to download free of charge right here.

In terms of quality, I’d compare it favorably to The 3rd World, Technique’s collaboration album with DJ Green Lantern back in 2008. That is to say it’s a solid collection of political and hardcore hip-hop tracks. It’s nowhere near his Revolutionary albums, but it really doesn’t need to be. There are guest spots from Vinnie Paz, Brother Ali, Chuck D, and plenty of others, and Immortal Technique himself is still in fine form. I’d recommend it, even as a paid album, and the lack of a price tag makes it pretty much essential.

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