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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Free Album of the Week(end) #2

This week(end)’s album comes to us via Neurotangent, an ambient electronic project by a fellow student at The Evergreen State College. His album/demo is called First Tangent, and it’s pretty impressive for a first release, nevertheless one recorded by a student on an outdated laptop.

This is clearly more of a starting point than anything else, but I like Neurotangent’s foundation for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the sounds here come from a wide variety of influences. While the mood of the album is certainly mellow, there are quite of few different styles of electronic music being merged, and I appreciate producers who can incorporate industrial sounds in more relaxed pieces of music. The other aspect of First Tangent that impresses me is the way the that the beats build. Far too often amateur producers either repeat the same sounds until they become boring and repetitive, or they add new sounds before tension can be created. The latter is especially common among ambient producer, but Neurotangent avoids both traps.

Again, it’s a starting point, but I like what I hear. It’s rare that a producer has interesting beats that change and evolve at just the right times, and I expect great things from Neurotangent in the future. Fans of ambient/electronic music can download First Tangent right here

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